Still Thinking about In-Person Worship

A couple of you saw and commented on my last post about worship, and at least one person (which means I know more are thinking it) said, “Wow. That means you might not see my spouse and me until as late as the end of 2021.” That’s true. We might not. On the other hand,Continue reading “Still Thinking about In-Person Worship”

More on “When Can We Come Back to Church?”

Probably a day doesn’t pass without at least one person asking, “When are we going to have church again?” I get it. In this time of sheltering in place, people are anxious – and I use that word advisedly, since it means something more like “in a state of anxiety” and less like “in aContinue reading “More on “When Can We Come Back to Church?””

Morning Mediation & Movement 30 April 2020

This morning we heard a bit from Fr. Richard Rohr concerning “original goodness” from his book The Universal Christ. Original goodness, aka “original blessing,” “original innocence,” original “unwoundedness” has to do with the entirety of creation bearing the thumbprint of the Maker. Everything is created in the Divine Image. We just forget about it, andContinue reading “Morning Mediation & Movement 30 April 2020”

Worship w/ Eucharist 29 April

Couple of sermon notes: A smattering of anti-sacrificial texts1 Sam 15:22Ps 40:6Ps 51:16Hos 6:6 (also referenced in Matt 9:13 and 12:7)Jer 7:22There are LOTS more, as this is a whole field of study in and of itself. If you ever want resources, I’ll point you in the direction of some great ones. “charcoal fire” mentionedContinue reading “Worship w/ Eucharist 29 April”

Worship w/Holy Communion 26 April 2020

Here’s the worship service. Couple of bibliographical notes on the sermon: Brian D. Robinette’s Grammars of Resurrection can be found at this link. I erroneously referred to James Alison’s essay as “Dead Man Talking.” The actual title is simply “Emmaus and Eucharist” and can be found in his book and video course series, Jesus theContinue reading “Worship w/Holy Communion 26 April 2020”

Prayer for the Healing of Creation

The “Prayer for the Healing of Creation,” like the “Prayer for the Healing of the Nations” comes out of Singing our Prayer: A Companion to Holden Prayer around the Cross. The assembly’s continuing response in “Creation” is “God, renew.” That comes between each petition and becomes, effectively, a chanted prayer for renewal. This and “Nations”Continue reading “Prayer for the Healing of Creation”