Personal Questions, the 5th Part

This is the follow-up question posed in the previous post: How has your ministry changed over time? While I was at seminary, I started to realize that your standard, blue-haired Norwegian Lutheran church probably wasn’t where I belonged. Maybe it was all the stories about church splits over the color of the sanctuary carpet. MaybeContinue reading “Personal Questions, the 5th Part”

Personal Questions, the 4th Part

Fourth question: What events led you into your call to ordained ministry? Follow-up: How has your ministry changed in intervening years? (See next post for the follow-up.) This is a story I’ve told a million times, but it still makes me laugh, in a way. It’s the story that one of my friends heard andContinue reading “Personal Questions, the 4th Part”

Personal Questions, the 3rd Part

The third question has to do with my “personal faith.” What is it? And a follow-up: How do I, as a pastor, go about teaching the faith to adults, teens, children? It may be useful here to draw a distinction between “the faith” and “the tradition.” Lutheranism is really more of a tradition than aContinue reading “Personal Questions, the 3rd Part”

Personal Questions, the 2nd Part

Second question: How do you go about preparing for worship? I’m not 100% sure what this question is driving at? Are people wanting to know about how I spiritually prepare to go into worship? Or is this more of a question about what kind of planning goes into preparing a worship service? Let me tackleContinue reading “Personal Questions, the 2nd Part”

Some Personal Question

Not gonna put a long pre-amble on this, except to say that recent conversations have arisen, inviting me to think about a number of questions related to my vocation as an ordained minister and how/whether that intersects with who I am at heart, how I approach ministry, worship, preaching, teaching, etc. First question: What’s yourContinue reading “Some Personal Question”

First “Vision” Meeting

Hi, everyone. Last night I had the good fortune and great pleasure of sitting down with the Task Force that we assembled to begin really thinking about next steps for First Lutheran post-Covid. The team, as of this minute, consists of Bob Moody (incoming Treasurer), Nicole Rowlette, Beth Lyons, and Mary Jane Halley. We hadContinue reading “First “Vision” Meeting”